"Without the right data insights, a decision is no better than an estimated guess".


Why transform? 

The purpose of a business intelligence framework is to enable people within an organization to make better decisions in a shorter period of time.

Insights based on data analysis should enable people, not replace them. Therefore, data should be translated into easy to use, widespread reports that can quickly deliver the right insights to the right people. All of this is enabled through our transformation approach.

Why Appickx?

We are a young and dynamic team with a healthy mix of business oriented minds and IT professionals. A never-ending search for improvement is what keeps driving us forward.

There are four areas of focus when moving towards a business intelligence framework: technology, people, process & data.

Where do people struggle today? What information do they need to overcome that struggle? What data do we need to deliver that information? Which technology will be used to capture and analyze that data? What training do people need in the new situation? 

These are all examples to emphasize the importance of all four areas of focus. If these four areas get aligned, a transformation towards business intelligence can be made and better decisions will be made faster.

Our Transformation Approach

Process optimization

Process Optimization

"If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution" - Steve Jobs.

Through as-is analysis it is possible to identify existing painpoints within all processes. Identifying and removing these painpoints is the first step that needs to be taken. Sometimes a small change is needed, sometimes a complete process redesign.

The insights gathered in the latest stage of our approach can in turn be used to even further optimize your processes.



"The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think" - Simeon Preston.

Digitalizing the right process at the right time and in the right way by using the right tool are key elements in business process digitalization. However, sufficient attention should be spent on organizational change as well, without the people behind it, a digital process will never work.

data analysis

Data Analysis

"Less than 1% of data in businesses is analyzed and turned into benefits" - SAP.

Gathering data is one thing, putting it to work is another. In order to truly use your data it is imperative to analyze it with the final goal in mind. It must be clearly defined what information is sought after in order to efficiently analyze data.

Never analyze for the sake of analyzing. By knowing what you are looking for, meaningful insights can be found.


Accessible Insight

"Data in the hands of a few can be powerful but data at the fingertips of many is what generates true change". 

By visualizing data and making the gathered insights accessible throughout the organization, true organizational change can be enabled. When people are correctly trained, everybody can use these insights to make better decisions faster.

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